united nation


By Gabre kedan.

H.I.M. speaks of the United Nations.

In the context of international co-operation, we would like to stress the importance of and our need for the United Nations. This world organisation though imperfect in many way, is still man’s best hope for peace.


The United Nations must not only be strengthened, but its decisions must also be respected and upheld… Here in this Assembly reposes the best, perhaps the last hope for the peaceful survival of mankind. Yet, this is the ultimatum presented to us: Secure the conditions whereby men will entrust their security to a larger entity or risk annihilation… If we are to survive, this organisation must survive. To survive, it must be strengthened. The stake of each one of us is identical – life or death. We all wish to live.

We all seek a world in which men are freed of burdens of ignorance, poverty, hunger and disease. We shall all be hard pressed to escape the deadly rain of nuclear fall-out should catastrophe overtake us. The United Nations judgement have been and continue to be subject to frustration, as individual member state have ignored its pronouncements and disregarded its recommendations. The organisation’s sinew have been weakened, as member states have shirked their obligations to it. The authority of the organisation has been mocked, as individual member state have proceeded, in violation of its commands, to pursue their own aims and ends…


In contrast to the above. Every day you see and hear the news worldwide, governments are in breach of United Nations International Law. Sovereign governments have been executed, stable countries invaded and de-stabilised. Wars and rumours of war in the name of national security and terrorism, but if you breaking international law then, who’s the terrorist in reality.  By Gabre kedan.

We must be confident in the victory of good over evil, in order to strengthen it and make it effective we will have to use the weapons at our disposal, namely, our united stand and collective conscience. To achieve the charter of the United Nations requires courage and confidence. The courage and confidence. The courage, I believe we posses. The confidence must be created, and to create confidence we must act courageously…


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