sick be nourished

“Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick be nourished, age be protected and children cared for.”


Sick Be Nourished



The project is based on the medical and surgical resources in Ethiopia and other places within the Caribbean and the African diaspora. Following the death of a beloved sistrin during childbirth, the need to develop health care resources for InI  returning home has been identified.

By fund raising we hope to transfer much needed medical and surgical equipment, instruments, books and uniforms which we currently have in our possession. Several donations have been received from local hospitals and medical companies  that need to be shipped via a 20ft container costing approximately 3,000 pounds.

sick be nourished


The Shashamane  District general Hospital is also in a state of disrepair and our brothers and sisters in particular our Matriarchs and Patriarchs even the pioneer settlers need support. In order to address this the project aims to support the further development of the Hospital and to set up a clinic suitable to I n I needs on the Kings highway in Shashamane.

This will be achieved working with our local and international communities to raise the necessary awareness and funds.  “The singers and players of instruments will be there “.  The artists have been very supportive of the project by donating rhythm tracks and vocals towards the album. We have received both local and national tracks which hopefully will generate interest and allow the project to go from strength to strength.

Sick be nourished


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Sick be Nourished                                                                    SICK BE NOURISHED