It was in 1892 on the 23rd of July that lij tafari was given birth and He was christened in the Ethiopian church and given the name Haile Selassie (power of the trinity),

on the 2nd of November 1930 his coronation gave birth to the Rastafari movement.
RASTAFARI movement has spread all over the world it has its origins in Jamaica, when Leonard Howell a Garveyite declared H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie the black man God. Rastafari has given the former Africans hope and salvation and a redemptive philosophy as we liberate ourselves from mental slavery, and from the thongs of oppression from the Babylon ideology of white supremacy.

Rasta have created a sense of pride and dignity in being Africans to create our own understanding and logics instead of our slave masters teachings, that teaches us race genocide not identifying ourselves as Africans.

“WE Who has been displace still domicile on this former slave plantation island cry out, and in crying out we recognized and give birth to an understanding that has surpass many in this part of the world.
The RASTAFARI movement has given hope to many, many African people in this part of the world and now we have a light at the end of the tunnel Emperor Haile Selassie 1st RASTAFARI today 23rd July and we know that the culture expression of RASTAFARI is what has helped to shape the popularity of the movement.”


Some people say Rasta God dead from 1974 how you a worship a dead man, but yet western world a worship Jesus who died 2000 years ago and the western world who say he is God rise up Jesus and put him in the sky and now them want we the Africans (former slaves) to look up in them sky (which a lot of us have been doing and still doing) for them blonde haired blue eye Jesus to come save us from the oppression of white supremacy.
We the former (slaves) Africans have now reconnected with our ancestral origins our heritage that connects our people to our land and time in history.

We the African people are suffering from amnesia or insomnia. The spirituality that define us don’t have to be based on European thinking, so when we find and create our thinking we try to justify or validate it through the eyes of the slave master bible.
The reason why other nation a go through is that they adhere to a heritage that helps to bond a people together and gives direction to their lives.


Mutabaruka Condemns adopted Western Celebrations