Coloured, Negro, black, African does racial labels really matter ?

If labels must be placed on people, then we should not strive to label people in the most respectful way possible. A lot of the labels placed on the African community are reminders of a period in African history when the world exploited the African.

Nigger, coon, savages and even monkeys are some of the names put on African (Black ) people because of their skin colour.

Not every person of colour in the world is from Africa. The argument that Africa is the motherland, and most people of colour derived from the continent in one way or another is true, History declares that a fact, and without history we are lost.

Marcus Garvey said ” A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots “, meaning quite simply a tree without roots is dead, so is a people without history is dead.

Some refuse to look back on their history for they ashamed and lack pride in themselves due to the brainwashing and negative stereotyping by other people telling us who we are, what we are, so don’t want to acknowledge that an African born in England is still an African. A Chinese born in America is a Chinese American by descent, a Italian born in America is a Italian American by descent and so a African born in a America is a African American by African descent.

If you have a male and female Elephant from India they are called an Indian elephant, because that’s where came from and the fact Indian elephant have small ears whereas African elephant have large ears. Put them in a English zoo for 3, 4 generations they don’t become English elephants they are still called Indian elephants.

It goes without saying that by living in this country, we are all British same as the Scottish, Welsh and the Irish all British but black people are not English were Africans in England or Africans in Scotland etc. For those who say they are from the Caribbean check Caribbean history. Africans were taken away from Africa on ships dropped off in what is now called Trinidad, Cuba, and Jamaica, they did not pick up a bunch of Trinidadians from Africa and pick up a bunch of Cubans from Africa and a bunch of Jamaicans from Africa. They picked up a bunch of Africans.

Coming from the era when James Brown was singing, I’m black, and I’m proud and fighting the good fight with leaders like Angela Davis and Malcom X there was a certain assertive nature behind being black ( African ). it’s about the recognition that, as people of colour, we are more than just niggers and coons as the European people would have us believe, we would all just be people with no race, no nationality and no concept of what makes us externally different.