Dr. Claude Anderson, noted forensic historian,
has a matchless reputation for critically analysing the social economic dilemma of Black America. The rare combination of his life experiences has given him authority to make the recommendations he does in his books, to help Black America become self-sufficient and competitive. And he has devoted his life to doing just that. It is this background and his independent thinking and research that forms the foundation from which he has written five books and developed the strategies he offered to Black America.

Author of five best-selling books about Black History and ways to use history to reverse the bottom rung status of Blacks:


The State Action Council became powerful and was decisional in numerous elections. Campaign Manager in Florida for President Jimmy Carter, Governor Reubin Askew and numerous other elected officials.• Appointed by Florida Governor Reuben Askew as his advisor and Coordinator of Education for the state where Anderson authored first state and nationally approved Affirmative Action plan in 1971.• Appointed by President Jimmy Carter as Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Federal Chairman of the Coastal Plains Commission; chaired meetings with governors of the Southeastern states and approved funds for economic development projects in the region.• Established the State Action Council, an organization of Black activists and other leaders who formed a voting bloc in Florida that supported candidates who promised and delivered benefits to the Black community. The State Action Council became powerful and was decisional in numerous elections • Special Project Director, the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta. • Marketing Development Officer, Federal Minority Bank Development Program.• Funded and constructed a Jones Island crab storage facility for Blacks in South Carolina and a Hilton Head Island Seafood Co-op for Black fishermen.• Chief of Mission for Governors; organized and headed international trade missions to Europe, Africa and Latin America, and developed profitable trade programs with West African countries and countries in the Middle East and Latin America.• United States Marine Corp: Marine Aviation, Safety and Survival Flight Specialist. • Certified pilot.