Born 1941 Dr Amos Wilson was a social caseworker psychological counsellor in the New York city Department of juvenile justice He was also assistant professor in the city university.

In his book “Black-on-Black Violence: The Psychodynamic of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination,”
Wilson discredited the myth that Blacks are inherently criminal. He demonstrated how Black-on-Black violence and Black male criminality in the United States was a politically and economically engineered process designed to maintain the subservience and relative powerlessness of Black (African ) people and Black communities worldwide.

However, Wilson contended that bringing an end to Black-on-Black violence and criminality is the sole responsibility of all Black people. In his book he lays out practical and theoretical ways of eradicating it.

Wilson believed that the vast power differentials between Africans and non-Africans was the major social problem of the 21st century.He believed these power differentials, and not simply racist attitudes, was chiefly responsible for the existence of racism, and the continuing domination of people of African descent across the globe white people exercise racism because they have the power to do so.

Wilson further argued that the mythological notion of progress to which many Blacks subscribe, was a false one; that integration could only occur and persist, as a social-economic reality, so long as the U.S. and global economies continued to expand. If such an economic situation were ever to reverse, or change for the worse, then the consequences which would follow could end up resulting in increased racial conflict; thus he urged Blacks to consider disintegration as a realistic possibility — to prepare for all hypothetical scenarios — with the understanding that integration was not guaranteed to last forever.

Wilson also believed that racism was a structurally and institutionally driven phenomenon derived from the inequalities of power relations between groups, and could persist even if and when more overt expressions of it were no longer present. Racism, then, could only be neutralized by transforming society (structurally) and the system of power relations.

As a scholar of African studies, Wilson felt that the social, political and economic problems that Africans faced, the world over, were unlike those of any other ethnic groups; and thus, he argued that the concept of “equal education” ought to be abandoned in favour of a philosophy more appropriate to their needs.

Wilson argued that the function of education and intelligence was to solve the problems particular to a people or nation, and to secure the people and nation biological survival. Any philosophy of education which failed to do so was inadequate.

Every culture involves education no matter how primitive the culture maybe. Even when a person is taught to perform a particular job that job is part of a network which promotes the culture of a nation. learning to fish or hunt or even cooking is still education and maintains a certain way of life.