By Ras Abimelech

Garvey says

“Death is the end of all life in the body or thing; the physical crumbling of the body into dust from whence it came.”


Death comes to us all good or bad, young or old and death knows no colour. Death can come quickly and unexpectedly to us or it can come slowly in the form of a rotting disease. One of the wicked forms of rotting disease is CANCER it’s eating out my brethren and sister them yearly. I’ve got to wonder if it is the devil food them a sell we like Tesco burgers and Findus lasagne full of horse meat and whatever else. FYAH!!

Grim reaper (2)

What should one say to a brother or sister in their hour of need? Personally I don’t think you can say anything, cause for me I don’t want to hear them gone to a better place, or them free from the pains of this world. FYAH!! Well for me personally as Rasta, my meditation is of earth runnings. And I will miss not eating or drinking with my friend or family member. I believe there things beyond man’s earthly meditations, but man was created to live on earth and praise God from earth in meditation and in action.


I remember the days in Rasta business when we use to chant me nah go a funeral, WHAT A LOAD OF CROC! For me the ceremony of burial needs to be done and because of our lack of unification we have to use the facilities of other religious groups. If we don’t do this then who will bury the dead cause we a dead, I suppose we can act like Vikings and put the dead upon a boat and sail it down the river on fire.
Fortunately some of we wise up, due to the experience of living life on earth and is so we a learn in most cases the hard way,


I respect every man’s right to believe whatever his intelligence tell him is intellectually sound and I expect everyone else to respect my right not to believe in your hocus pocus voodoo hoodoo biblical croc. We need to pay respect. I not disrespecting InI Rasta but InI are in my mind the new culture that Marcus Garvey talked about an ever evolving culture. (RASTAFARI) And is time InI need to nit-pick the negative chat outa Rasta thing leaving a progressive meditation for the up and coming Garveyites soldiers.

His. Majesty. Say’s

“We must be ever mindful that our greatest weapon is the oneness we share as Africans, but it is not enough to be Africans. That which pulls us apart and divides us must be resisted with all our strength. That which unites us must be pursued relentlessly and inexorably, we must come to know one another better. Our greatest asset is our unity, and we must exploit it to the fullest.”

Garvey say’s

“The power we once held passed away, but now in the twentieth century we are about to see the return of it, in the rebuilding of Africa, yes a new civilization, a new culture, shall spring up from among our people where in will live Black men of the highest learning and accomplishment.”

So we have to look to ourselves to create a better future with blood sweat and tears. One thing about Babylon, they do not hide nothing from you. You only have to seek and you will find usually in them libraries. Listen and you will hear. in them news broadcast Satan not hiding nothing stop losing yourselves in them soap operas reality’s and deal with the real world. The process meat (low grade meat) so they call it all goes towards heart disease and cancer FYAh !

The recycled water what we shit and piss maybe is all that a kill off mi brethren and sisters before them appointed time. They say it’s a fine line between Love and Hate, Good and Evil, life and death because no one knows the hour. Personally what I won’t do is to return to the graveside to make communication with the worms and cockroaches. If you a bible basher the bible teach that upon death the spirit i.e. life force leaves the shell and return to whence it came. RASTAFARI is worshiper of life not death. If I want to hold some form of communication I will hold a memorial, where we can say prayers, reasoning and tributes this for mi is the way to pay respect. Remember the reasoning when 2 or 3 come together in his name, he is in the midst of us, so see we come together RASTAFARI  LIVES.


CONCLUSION: I do not care how many degrees, masters, or PhD’s you have, no one knows the fullness of life, We are a speck of dust on earth, earth is a speck of dust in the universe but we think we have all the answers to the meaning of life because you have a piece of paper given to you by MAN. But I do know that I love my black nation, I do know I love my African continent, I do know I love my black GOD and black king without apology. So Rasta live in me sorry in I, NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. RASTAFARI BLESSING Marcus family.