By Ras Abimelech
How do we create a more united community ? if we look on the Asian community they look like a very united group, but there group is made up of many factions and when the time is right they pull together to achieve their goal. And so I say why the black community cannot do the same, come together for the betterment of us all. When faced with inequalities at every level of society, we need to put up a united front in the face of discrimination.
Our Black women seem to be scorning the black men he is not good enough, him don’t have a job, him don’t have no money etc, etc.

The Black men are running off with other women cause black women are to loud, not bowing to there every needs like other women. Social monogamy refers to a male and female’s social living arrangement well he is a good provider, money, home, car I can always go back to the ghetoe and give my boy the booty call. Well I am not saying you should not look at those things but we have to consider the results of that meditation.

Our AFRICAN (BLACK) youths seem not to be respecting their elders, although respect has to be earned, I was raised to respect our elders just because the wisdom, history and understanding comes from those who have lived a little life.

We all learn from life. When a child is born, he depends on his parents for all of his needs. He starts learning everything from this very beginning. With the passage of time, the body grows and the mind learns things about life. The memory keeps piling up things to be used later in life. For example, the child does not know that fire is hot and harmful until he touches it. At that time, he learns it and this is saved in his memory for life. When a person reaches an age of 50 +, he/she has enjoyed almost everything in life, kids, different jobs, different relations, travelling and a lot more. The elders are ahead of us in age, experience, wisdom and maturity. Black people are more likely than others to have certain illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, which according to the doctors is a sign of bad diet. Eating a more balanced diet and reducing salt intake with regular exercise leads to less trips to the doctor.