The African American tradition of Kwanzaa is derived from an African Swahli phrase harvest festival tradition called
” Matunda Ya KWANZA ”

Dr Maluna Karenga ( 1941 )

Created the organisation US African People and structured it as a Culture and Social change organisation.

Dr Karenga stressed revolution as both cultural and political. He argued that cultural revolution precedes and makes possible the political revolution.

Using the expansive knowledge of African culture, Dr Karenga and his organisation created the NGUZO SABA.
NGUZO SABA are seven principles seen as a key value system for black life and struggle.
In 1966 created the African American and Pan African Holiday – Kwanzaa which celebratesis family, community and culture.


KWANZAA is bigger than Dr Karenga it always has been. Kwanzaa is an ideal,a bright shining star.
If Karenga taught us anything, its not to unify and celebrate for we already knew to do that
It’s that we must continuously offer each other our best selves, for the sake of our children, our children’s children and their children.
His actions reminds us that we can’t permit one of us to do to any of us what Whiteness did to all of us as a people.

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