Dr. Ray Hagins- Where Did Negroes Come From ?

A powerful message by Dr. Ray Hagins, Chief Elder and spiritual leader of “The Afrikan Village” in St Louis .Mo and a former Christian Pastor of The Church of God and Christ. In this video he shows the steps taken to create a negroe or nigger out of an AFRICAN.
1. Remove all African identity 2. Remove all communication between Africans 3. inplant the fear of the white man 4. Separation of families 5. Sex control tool marriage breakdown 6. Colour heirachy
7. Convert to master religion 8. forget Africa.

Dr. Ray Hagins- Undressing A Well Dressed Lie

Dr. Hagins is President & CEO of Black Liberation Radio. You can order the remaining sections of the above video teaching, and other insightful educational DVD productions at:

Dr Ray Hagins The Dangers of Religion

Dr Ray Hagins The Council That Created Jesus

Dr Ray Hagins: What is Christianity ?

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