By Ras Abimelech

One of the first form of African religion is that of the Egyption God RA. ra3 RA is usually depicted with the body of a human and the head of a falcon called the Sun GOD.

The sun was first worshipped as Horus, later as RA, the sun is a primary element of life: light, warmth and growth this is why sun deities were very important in Ancient Egypt.

Ra is perpetually resurrected in the mornings, he rides across the sky during the day and at sunset he is swallowed by the goddess Nut, only for her to give birth to him in the morning. .

The History of the Sun God Ra. . ra1The ancient Egyptians have numerous Gods in there religion and they believe that the Gods walk among them, invisibly on Earth.

Ra is the most central God of the Egyptian Pantheon and doesn’t dwell on earth, but watches his children and kingdom from the sky. Ra in his sun boat at sunrise, Ra is a young boy called Khepri, mid-day he becomes the falcon-headed man and at sunset he becomes an elder called Atum. He travels in a sun boat and had to be defended against Apep, a giant serpent that tries to eat the sun boat every night. Ra changed greatly over the course of ancient Egyptian history. In dynastic times he was merged with Horus and became Re-Horakhty. He then ruled over sky, earth and underworld and was the creator of the world. Ra developed through the second and fifth dynasty.

In the fourth dynasty, pharaohs were known as “sons of Ra”. Ra was upheld the most in the fifth dynasty, where he became more associated with the king then the pharaoh. Kings erected pyramids that were considered solar temples and aligned them with the rising and setting sun in his honour. The worship of Ra as a religious and cultural figure has significantly deteriorated over years due to the rise of Christianity Kumina. It is a religion, music and dance practiced by some of the native Africans brought to the Caribbean during slavery. These people have retained the drumming and dancing of their African heritage. kumina1There are two main aspects of African religion that are quite distinctive. One is the practice of bringing down spirits of the dead to briefly inhabit the bodies of the faithful. The purpose of this is so that the ancestors may share their wisdom, providing spiritual assistance and advice to those here on Earth. The other feature is the extensive work with Inquices, . they may best be described as being both the most ancient of ancestors as well as being associated with specific powers in nature. Kumina is an Afro-Jamaican religion influenced mainly by the Bantu peoples from the Congo-Angola area. Kumina refers to both a religion and dance. Dances include the Bailo, mainly used for entertainment purposes and the Country, used during the private religious ceremonies. Kumina provides a perfect example of what intra African syncretism represents. The Akan derived traditions of Myal and Obeah remain opposing entities within the Kumina religion. The Obeah man remains a master of science and the spirits while Myal is used to refer to the possession of Kumina dancers at religious ceremonies. According to Joseph Murray, “The extraordinary insight of the scientist Myal brings revelation of the invisible world. kumina2 This state of mind allows the dancers to see the invisible workings of obeah as well as to transmit messages from the other world” This borrowing of different African aspects and deities between enslaved Africans in Jamaica is also characteristic of African Tradition Religions, where a Yoruba deity might be accepted as a deity by the Evhe/Fon. One clear example in Jamaica is the Kumina deity Shango, which is a Yoruba deity who in Jamaica became a deity accepted by different African ethnic groups. Kumina deities are separated into sky bound and earth bound deities. Oto King Zombi, a sky bound deity is the Supreme Being. Other sky bound deities of Kumina are Obei and Shango. Earth bound deities in Kumina are found in the old testament David, Ezekiel, Moses, Cain and Shadrak. The hiding or masking of African religious practices and deities is another clear difference between African religion in Jamaica vs African Religion in Africa, where little or no political persecution forced involuntary adaptation of foreign religions within traditional African society. In Jamaica African practices were against the law during slavery, thus masking deities and other religious practices in the Christian religions was natural for survival. Ancestral spirits are also important in Kumina. The term used to refer to these ancestral spirits is Zombi, the term originates from the Kikongo word “dzambi” which means god. Allayes describes Zombies as “spirits of men and women who, in there lifetimes, were dancing Zombies, drummers, and obeah men.” Only a person who has been possessed by a Zombi can become a Zombi after death. A Zombi had the privilege of returning to earth to preside over ceremonies and possess dancers and performing other duties. Unlike people who had been possessed by Zombies, those who had not been possessed would simply die and ascend to Oto King Zombi without chance of returning to earth. Organization of Kumina communities follows the general local character of African religions in Jamaica. Kumina communities are small family based communities or nations. Some nations include Mondongo, Moyenge, Machunde, Kongo, Igbo and Yoruba. People from Kumina families are given the title Bongo. Marrying into a Bongo family is one avenue to become a part of a Kumina nation; special initiation is the other avenue. Kumina nations are led by a King and Queen. “Elizabeth Spence a contemporary Kumina Queen, reported that her spiritual calling was also effected during a period of isolation. She slipped away from home one night to attend a Kumina event near Morant Bay. The drums impelled her to dance, soon after which she was knocked violently tot the ground by a possessing spirit. This was her first experience of Myal. She remained in this state for four days and four nights, neither eating, drinking nor able to get up. When she came ‘back to herself’, she saw ‘many different things’ he ‘ole arrivants’ taught her the African language and a lot of spiritual wisdom.” From readings two women became a Queens after a receiving similar calling that that was in the form of spiritual revelations, possession, isolations, and what seems to be death and rebirth. Their abilities and status never seem to be challenged by the challenged by their nation. A master drummer was another important part of Kumina, since the presided over ceremonies. In her book Rock it Come over Olive Lewin describes the critical role of the drummer, “the cyas drummer is crucial to the success of a bands. He must not only be conversant with information about spirit activity and rhythm requirements but he must also learn the African language and interpret immediately.

There are no short cuts to gaining this body of knowledge. Mistakes at this level will confuse singers, dancers and other knowledgeable participants, and threaten the success of any ritual or ceremony ‘if you don’t play the drum good, an know what you doing, not a thing happen: not a spirit come, whole night” Here we[who ?] see drumming is not simply a musical skill for Africans in Jamaica, but understanding of the spirits and of African language is necessary to access the spiritual world. . Rasta is. . Rasta is the fire burning in the African man since his enslavement 100’s of years ago who’s primary aim is the betterment of Garvey’s family, the first Rasta person was a Garveyite Leonard Howell. Garveyites are progressive African people who want to see our people live the life any man desires to live, full of love and respect, freedom and justice. Religion the tool of oppression that teaches us to sit back and accept slavery of the mind for some day it will be alright, meanwhile our children suffer at the hands of our oppressor our children go hungry because of our oppressive system called capitalism (The exploitation of a group or nation ).

Unfortunately Rasta has allowed elements of fantasy to penetrate Rasta ideology that’s why we have so many Bible bashers who want to sit around hoping that life will get better, instead of get up and stand up for the right and make life better for the nation. Rasta prophet Marcus Garvey say’s ” with history before us how can we expect change to happen without knowing some of us will die for the cause.” Rasta people are always evolving not stuck in the past. Some Rasta have watered down Rasta by thinking with their penis more than them brain, ( then maybe we are all Guilty of that, its easier to think with your penis and get high than to face the works of generations to come. ) Some Rasta sit’s on the fence not knowing which way to move cause of their lack of leadership ie following the Abba who knows nothing of Rasta but in fact are Christians. The only thing we all have in common is that we say we are Rasta and followers of Garvey’s vision. Black King, Black God without apology. Burn the blonde hair blue eyed fallacy of slavery. Burn the Babylon outa your indoctrination, turn up the fire!! and help to liberate the people. RELIGION IS A WEAPON

Christian doctrine was used to teach the savages that GOD (Jesus) who looked like their slave masters, and their enslavement was the will of the their GOD.

Peter 2: verse 18-20 “Slaves in reverent fear of god submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. for it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of GOD.”

A. We have to burn out the blonde haired, blue eyed, ideology of the slavery regime.

B. We have to burn out the blonde haired, blue eyed, ideology of the Hitler regime.

C. We have to burn out the blonde haired, blue eyed, ideology of the Apartheid regime. .


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