What is the science of our hair, instead we treat it as a curse. Without ever doing the research for the purpose or reason why, we have this hair. Black, spongy, nappy woolly, kinky hair, are all different terms to describe or degrade our natural hair. Let’s look carefully, at these terms. Being the only people on the planet with woolly hair, why don’t we wear it as a crown.

Black is the colour of carbon, the key mineral for life. Spongy, because even when wet, it keeps its shape, no matter how we style our natural hair. Kinky, because naturally our hair is curly, like a coil flashing electrons, because we are electrical, or curly like an antenna. Woolly, is how the Christian, describes God’s hair. Aren’t we Africans the only people with wholly texture hair. We are taught, our natural hair is ‘Bad!’ It only becomes ‘Good Hair’ when we straighten it Using all kinds of poison to the point, we have to wear gloves to apply these chemicals.

What is this really telling you about our behaviour? Imagine what this chemical is doing to your brains cells, as it goes through your pours, absorbing that burn. Destroying that wise mind African females are legendary fore. Already we know to much kills the roots, leading to baldness, resulting in the females having to wear, all kinds of colourful wigs. More mature females learn and return to a natural look (i.e. locks) and I am told many time ‘Its the best thing I have ever done.